Student Storage Liverpool by MCR Self Storage. We have a self storage and shipping solution if you are a student in Liverpool.

Being a student in Liverpool is a lifetime experience for domestic and international students from all over the world. So if you’re a student at either The University of Liverpool or Liverpool John Moores University, you might not just be able to take all your belongings home outside of term times. Student Storage Liverpool by MCR Self Storage is simple, door to door service.

Student Self Storage made Simple

Students have enough on their plates. There’s drinking to be done, and fun to be had, and enjoying life in halls or your student flat. Oh, and all the actual work that goes into your degree.

We know the last thing a Liverpool student needs to worry about is their belongings going missing while you’re on holiday, at home for the summer, or heading off on a gap year. And we know self-storage is a pain. Hiring a van, loading a van, driving a van, unloading a van, loading a locker, returning the van… Then doing it all in reverse.

No thanks.

So we looked at ways to make this simpler and cheaper for students.

We got rid of the van.

Student Storage Liverpool by MCR Self Storage Ltd

Here’s how our student self storage service works:

1: You Call 0800 170 1260

We give you a free quote. You mention you’re a student and get your 10% discount.

2: You Tell us a Time

At a time that suits you, we visit your halls or flat with your boxes. so that’s one less thing you need to worry about.

3: Load and Lock

Your belongings go in the boxes, the boxes go in the unit. then we drive it to our secure storage centre to keep an eye on it for you. When you realise you accidentally packed something important, it’s free to nip over and retrieve an item.

4: We Redeliver or Ship

Finally, when you need everything back, we deliver your items at your location for you to unload. If you’ve relocated, we can redeliver your items anywhere in the world – even deepest darkest Manchester, if that’s where you’ve ended up.

That’s a simpler way to provide students with self storage, and cutting out the van hire makes it affordable too – even before you add on the 10% student discount and free cardboard boxes!

It all starts with that call for your free quote. So what are you waiting for? Give Liverpool’s student storage experts a ring now on 0800 170 1260.

Furthermore, Student Storage Liverpool by MCR offer a range of affordable student self-storage options to see you through the summer holidays, mid-term breaks, or even a gap year. Whether you need us to look after a single suitcase or laptop bag, or the contents of your whole flat or dorm room, our special student offers won’t break the bank.


student storage liverpool 001Simply give us a call and we’ll deliver your Student Packing Kit and boxes to your home or accommodation. You can then load it and lock it, and we’ll keep your items safe until you need it again. We can even redeliver to a new address if you’re moving to a new house or flat for the coming year.

student storage liverpool 002

Get in touch with our self-storage experts now for a quote and don’t forget to ask about our NUS discounts!

 “Proud to be serving the students of The University of Liverpool and Liverpool John Moores University.”